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Empowering Young People for a Green Energy Future

Through the implementation of the JustYEA project, we aim to inspire and empower young people to actively contribute to an inclusive and sustainable energy transition. Our mission is to engage the youth in actions, projects and initiatives that bring local benefits and promote a green energy transition, giving them the opportunity to play an active role in their community.

Through this program, we aim to cultivate a new generation of leaders who will play an integral role in shaping their communities and driving positive change.
We believe that citizens, including the youth, can play an active role in driving an inclusive and sustainable energy transition.

With this in mind, the JustYEA project focuses on the Alentejo Litoral region in Portugal, an area that has faced challenges due to the closure of the Sines thermal power plant and the resulting loss of jobs.

By harnessing the potential of young people in these regions, we aim to foster an inclusive and participative energy transition, providing them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to become active participants in building a sustainable future.

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Project Activities:

Youth Energy Academy

The Youth Energy Academy (YEA) forms the core of our capacity-building efforts. Over the course of five weeks, participants will engage in a comprehensive program, consisting of both theoretical and practical components. The academy will utilize non-formal education methods to create an engaging and interactive learning environment. Each week, participants will dedicate 2-3 hours to the academy, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of various energy-related topics.

Theoretical Modules

Energy Trilemma

Understanding the complex relationship between energy security, sustainability, and affordability.

People Power

Empowering individuals and communities to actively participate in the energy transition.

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE)

Exploring the potential of decentralized renewable energy systems and their role in local communities.

Resource Mobilization

Learning effective strategies for mobilizing resources and garnering support for energy projects.

Social Business

Exploring innovative business models that combine social and environmental impact within the energy sector.

Practical Modules

After the virtual sessions, the practical Modules will be carried out in-person during three days, in a location to be confirmed in the Odemira area,for participants who attended the Theoretical Modules of the Youth Energy Academy.

Hands-on workshop on building solar energy systems

Participants will learn the basic concepts of solar energy, and will get hands-on experience in building simple solar energy systems that will be donated to local projects.

Field visit to a community renewable energy project

Participants will have the opportunity to visit and explore an emblematic community project in the Odemira area where they can gather practical knowledge and inspiration.

From Idea to Action

Participants will be supported in developing their project ideas throughout the Academy, which will culminate in a final pitch.


Monthly masterclasses are another key activity in the project that aim to create opportunities for youth exchanges at the European and global level,taking advantage of SEYN’s wide networks.

The 5 virtual masterclasses are open to the public and will expand on the YEA contents, bringing knowledge to a wider public, including to other EU just transition regions.

These will be delivered by key experts and will result in a set of recorded sessions and materials that can be shared more broadly, as well as, a growing network of people aware of the challenges and opportunities in just transition regions.

Moreover, through the masterclasses and guest expert speakers from universities, institutes and companies, individuals who may be facing employment difficulties will have the opportunity to identify some alternative career pathways in the RE energy sector.

Past project activities

Masterclass vol. 1: Toward a Just Energy Transition: exploring the Anthropology of Energy, and Insights from Sines, Portugal and Mindoro, Philippines

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🌍 This first virtual Masterclass will explored the anthropology of energy and shed light on just transition challenges and strategies in Sines, Portugal, as well as youth experiences with an indigenous community in Mindoro, Philippines. Thank you to the particopants who Joined us as we delved into the complexities, challenges, and opportunities of achieving equitable and sustainable energy transitions.

1st masterclass flyer

Masterclass vol. 2: Toward a Just Energy Transition: Design Thinking Tools for community energy projects

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🌍 This masterclass discussed how design thinking could drive renewable energy initiatives that were not only environmentally sustainable but also socially equitable, exploring alternative energy models, such as decentralized systems and community ownership, which could empower communities to actively participate in decision-making processes and reap the benefits of the energy transition.

1st masterclass flyer

Masterclass vol. 3: Toward a Just Energy Transition: the Energy Trilemma

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🌍 This virtual Masterclass was all about understanding the complex relationship between energy security, sustainability, and affordability. It informed and contextualized the solutions proposed, and the importance and benefits of involving citizens and communities in the energy transition.

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Masterclass vol. 4: Toward a Just Energy Transition: People Power: RE Cooperatives and the Role of Youth

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💪 This virtual Masterclass focused on communities actively participating in the energy transition by looking into the characteristics of community energy projects and energy cooperatives and showcasing citizen-led or community energy initiatives as solutions to address the energy trilemma in a holistic way.

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Masterclass vol. 5: Charting a Greener Future: Skills and Vocational Pathways for the Energy Transition

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💪 This virtual Masterclass focused on one hand, on understanding youth needs and aspirations related to employment and on the other hand, on the future renewable energy jobs market and what skills will be needed for the energy transition to succeed.

5th masterclass flyer

Scaling Up and Alumni Support

Upon completion of the program, our goal is to create a network of relevant stakeholders, partners, and alumni. This network will serve as a platform for sharing resources, leveraging support, and fostering collaboration. Through this ongoing support system, we aim to scale-up the JustYEA program, reaching more young individuals and expanding its impact. Additionally, we are committed to providing meaningful assistance to our alumni in implementing their energy projects, ensuring their continued success.

Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media channels as we embark on this transformative journey towards a cleaner, brighter future.

Join us at JustYEA, and let’s make a difference together!

The Just Youth Energy Academy is a programme convened by the Sustainable Energy Youth Network with the support of the EU Teens for Green, an initiative providing youth with opportunities to engage with European Just Transition regions, with a focus on Southern Portugal. It aims to empower young people to take action, raise awareness about environmental issues, and advocate for green policies within the European Union.