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What we Do

Our activities focus on building capacities and empowering young people towards action on the energy transition.

We offer a unique, non-formal, hands-on disruptive approach to learning through a variety of activities such as practical workshops, academies, knowledge product development, training and mentoring.

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Engaging young people in actions, projects and initiatives through a combination of theoretical and practical modules

Through the implementation of our Academies, we aim to inspire and empower young people to actively contribute to an inclusive and sustainable energy transition.

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Workshops & Events

Intensive hands-on workshops on Do-It-Yourself-And-Together

Intensive hands-on workshops on Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together renewable energy technologies with a focus on solar applications based on a learn-by-doing approach.

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Our workshops offer a non-formal, hands-on experience, combining theory and practice on renewable energy, community building and collaborative work. We facilitate playful and purposeful interaction fostering participants’ autonomy and independence.

Participants gain basic knowledge about energy, electricity, renewable energy applications, energy system design and training on the safe use of power tools. They are actively involved in building and installing small-scale off-grid renewable energy-powered systems.
You will leave knowing how to build your own energy systems and so much more! Trust us!

Our workshops include:

– 10-day Mastercourses;
– Energy Weekends;
– Tailored virtual and in-person workshops.

Mentoring & Team Building

As part of our Youth Energy Academies we provide mentoring and team building activities to participants using a variety of tools and methods and relying on outstanding external experts in various fields.

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Our mentoring support starts before the Academy begins with online preparatory work using virtual collaborative platforms and design thinking tools for idea development. It continues during the event with after-hour individual sessions with teams to work on specific challenges using tools like the social business canvas or the Problem/Objective tree. After the YEA, the teams that win the seed funding award are also granted a pack of mentoring hours with SEYN trainers and guest experts on teams’ specific needs to support project development.

SEYN is always looking for enthusiastic individuals that wish to become part of our trainers & mentors teams! If you are interested please let us know here.

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