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Masterclass Vol. 3- Just YEA

Toward a Just Energy Transition:

The Energy Trilemma

Masterclass Vol. 3: Toward a Just Energy Transition:The Energy Trilemma

🔎 Topic: Toward a Just Energy Transition: the Energy Trilemma.

🌍 This virtual Masterclass was about understanding the complex relationship between energy security, sustainability, and affordability. It informed and contextualized the solutions proposed, and the importance and benefits of involving citizens and communities in the energy transition.

✅ Objectives:
1️⃣ Contextualize the current tensions that the energy system faces between the need for decarbonization and ensuring the country’s energy security, ensuring a fair and participatory transition.
2️⃣Promote a critical approach to large-scale technology-centric solutions.
3️⃣Introduce and discuss the concepts of centralized and decentralized energy systems and the potential of renewable energy for a fairer and more democratic energy future.

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